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Charlene's Itinerary 
Rev. Cothran's 2019 Itinerary: 
January 22: Rev. Cothran relaunches "The Sound of Victory" national radio program; a teaching ministry evangelizing those who willfully or unwilfully participate in sexual sin; gay and lesbian, bisexual, gender confused, pornography and customers of human trafficking, etc.  The program is heard weekly on various US radio stations. 
Check our schedule here. 
February 17: Rev. Cothran will speak at the 8AM worship service at Mount Bethel Baptist Institutional Church, 540 S. Martin Luther King, Jr. DR Daytona Beach, FL. (temporary location @ Shiloh Baptist Church.  Host-Rev. Hudson, Senior Pastor
February 17: Rev. Cothran will speak at the 11AM service at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, 540 S. Martin Luther King, Jr. DR Daytona Beach, FL. Host-Rev. Lenorris Dixon, Senior Pastor
February 24: Rev. Cothran will host as Master of Ceremony for the African American History Program at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church.  Mayor Derrick Henry, Sr. is keynote speaker.  Rev. Lenorris Dixon is Senior Pastor  
March 10: Rev. Cothran will host as Master of Ceremony for the '100 Women in White' Annual event celebrating the coming Easter Vision program of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church.  Rev. Lenorris Dixon, Senior Pastor. 
March 30: Rev. Cothran will be a guest speaker in Orlando, FL at The TRUTH Movement Event. This Expo & Ministry Event will begin at 4PM.  Expo includes nonpartisan information about proLife issues, gender and natural family issues, immigration and school choice. Call Nancy Randolph, Host and Coordinator. Event Location- Victorious Living Fellowship Church, Rev. Victor Morgan Senior Pastor
May 2: Rev. Cothran will attend the National Day of Prayer Breakfast at the Hilton Garden Inn Town Center, Palm Coast, FL hosted by Flagler County Sherriff Rick Staley.
May 18: Rev. Cothran will be the guest speaker in Plant City, FL at the Annual Women's Retreat on Saturday 9:30AM - 2PM.  New City Church, Plant City, FL, First Lady Brenda Miller, Host. 
May 19: Rev. Cothran will be a guest preacher; Responding to the so-called 'Equality Act', at the Victorious Living Fellowship, 10AM and 7PM services, 250 N. Ivey Lane, Orlando, FL, Pastor Victor Morgan, Host
May 20: Rev. Cothran will be the commencement speaker for graduating high school seniors of the Victory Christian Academy, Orlando,FL. 10AM.  250 N. Ivey Lane, Orlando
May 26: Rev. Cothran will be the guest speaker at New Heart Christian Center of Daytona Beach, FL, 10AM service. Host, Bishop George E. Butts
June 30: Rev. Cothran will be one of many guest clergy participating in the ordination ceremony of the Higher Ground Association of Churches and Ministries.  Dr. Joseph E. Woods, founder.  Location-St. Phillips Missionary Baptist Church, Hamilton, NJ.
July 31: Rev. Cothran will serve as Mistress of Ceremony at the Holy Convocation of New Heart Christian Center, Daytona Beach FL. Women's Night. Host, Supervisor Cathy Butts
August 17: Rev. Cothran will attend the meeting of Black Christian Civic Leaders Coalition "Bringing Truth to Our Communities" Sat. 8/17/19, 5PM   1136 E. Plant St.       Winter Garden, FL  Contact Nancy Randolph (407)591-2754.
August 25-28: Charlene has been invited and will attend Liberty Pastors Training Camp at the Gaylord Palm Resort & Convention Center, Kissimmee, FL hosted by
September 14: Rev. Cothran and The Evidence Ministry Team will attend in support the FREEDOM MARCH & Rally produced by Jeff McCall and by Fearless Identity and many redeemed survivors of the Pulse Night Club shooting, at Lake Eola near Disney World Orlando.
September 22: Charlene will speak at Stetson Baptist Church offering her personal testimony of hope and inspiration as over 40 Southern Baptist Church pastors and congregations convene.

Rev. Cothran's 2018 Itinerary: 
January 13: Rev. Cothran will participate in the March through Bunnell, FL at the annual National Holiday celebrating the life of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   Rev. Cothran will offer the benediction at the community-wide program at the Carver Community Center.   
March 3rd: Rev. Cothran 
will preach and serve with The Evidence Ministry Team at Lowell State Women's Prison, Ocala, FL.   
March 9-12: Rev. Cothran will join the Women of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church of Palm Coast for their 15th Annual Women's Conference, Palm Coast, FL, Sis. Carol Coffee, Co-Chair

March 16th: Rev. Cothran will offer the opening Prayer for Bike Week and give the Blessing of the Bikes at the 2nd Ave. Business Association stage at Mary McCleod Bethune Blvd. Daytona Beach, FLMarch 22-26: Rev. Cothran will join pilgrims from around the United States, who will return to Hamilton Township, New Jersey to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of St. Phillips Baptist Church.   Rev. Cothran will be featured during the reunion gospel concert of the 'Young Adult Choir' on Friday night, 7PM.
April 11-13: Rev. Cothran is registered to attend The 4 Fields Intensive Evangelism Training. The Four Fields Intensive equips Pastors, Church Planters and Catalytic Leaders with Biblical Principles and Practices.

April 26th: Rev. Cothran is the guest preacher, 7Pm Thursday at Church on the Rock, Palm Coast FL, host Pastor Bill Knight

Rev. Cothran receives the Hometown Hero Award from the City of Daytona Beach, FL as publisher of the Christian lifestyles magazine, VICTORY.  In addition to covering community activism and regional church life, the magazine always included topics about preventing and pushing back the sexual revolution in our community and country.  

Rev. Cothran with members of the local faith community marching to City Hall Daytona Beach to proclaim the Name of God in Our City! 

Rev. Cothran with Pro-Life activist, 
Rev. Alveda King 
Rev. Cothran was invited by 
Rev. King and her church leadership when they produced Women Mentoring Women at the Hammock Resort, here in Palm Coast, FL!

Rev. Alveda King, (l) with Rev. Cothran (r) and others at Women Mentoring Women Conference, Palm Coast, FL

April 28th: Rev. Cothran will present a workshop of Leadership for The New Heart Christian Center's Fellowship of Churches, host, Bishop George Butts, Sr., Daytona 
May 3rd: National Day of Prayer, Rev. Cothran will participate as a guest speaker for the City of Bunnell's celebration at The Old City Hall.  Mayor Catherine Robinson, host.June 17th: Rev. Cothran will bring the Father's Day message at Shiloh Baptist Church of Daytona Beach, FL, Rev. Lenoris Dixon, pastor.
June 30th: Rev. Cothran will participate as a guest speaker for Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, Washington D.C., host Peter LaBarera
August 4th: Rev. Cothran will participate as a guest workshop presenter for the Fellowship of Churches of the Evangel Assembly of God Church, 109 Old Kings Rd, Palm Coast, FL 
August 9-12th: Rev. Cothran will participate as a guest minister for the Chiles/Cothran Family Reunion, Greenville, SC.
September 29th: Rev. Cothran will participate as a guest minister for the Apostolic Revival Center of Miami, FL. Evangelist Demetrius Brinson, host.

December 1st: Rev. Cothran participates as a guest minister for the Anniversary 
Prayer Breakfast for Master's Domain COGIC. Pastor Derreck Harris Brinson, host.

December 20th: Rev. Cothran prepares to launch "The Sound of Victory" National Radio Programs in 5 US cities.  

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