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"The Sound of Victory" 
National Radio Program Schedule
               Hosted by Charlene E. Cothran

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Rev. Cothran Responding to the passing of the so-called Equality Act.

WAPN 91.5 FM Daytona Beach, FL     Thursdays 2-2:30PM

WAPB 91.5 FM Madison, FL                 Thursdays 2-2:30PM

KKIM 1000 AM Albuquerque, NM      Fridays 7-7:30PM

WFAM 1050 AM Augusta, GA              Saturdays 11:30-12PM

Recent Podcasts will soon be available on YouTube!

Thank you, in advance, for supporting The Sound of Victory, our national radio broadcast, with your gifts.  We'd like to add several more US and Caribbean cities to our weekly schedule this year!  
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